In a digital and millennial age where the media landscape is ever-evolving, there has been one proven clutter-breaking strategy that never changes: great content. And every great content requires great stories.

‘Story is King’ is not just a mission statement for Pavan King Ojha. For him, it is a cinematic mindset where story is the guiding light for all creative work. It is the belief that story is the central core that stands on its own and is designed to last when all other peripheries are stripped away.

Telling a well-wrought story, whether for branded content or the silver screen, requires an essential array of traits held in fine balance: captivating characters and riveting dialogue with an emotional depth; multicultural and mythological narratives that appeal to a broad audience; reverence for the timeless classics with an innovative and modern edge; and immersive worlds submersed in buttery popcorn entertainment.

These are the types of attributes you will expect from Pavan King Ojha – a director and writer of drama and action for television and feature films, and branded content for commercials.

He cares about telling great stories with integrity and intelligence wrapped within emotional context and immersive experience. His unwavering commitment to excellence and tireless work ethic has provided the very best and Gold standard to his clients.

So come and explore his work and be part of the cinematic thrills and adventures of a filmmaker who places story at the center of it all.


Pavan King Ojha was born in Zambia, Africa and since then has lived in four other countries on three different continents. His diverse background and education has allowed him to tell universal stories that are accessible to a wide audience.

When he was just 12 years old, he found his calling when he watched Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, where he realized the power that movies have to resurrect ancient creatures on the silver screen, if not in real life. This became a perfect career path, as it blended his intellectual side with his artistic talent.

In order to expand his horizon as a storyteller, Pavan decided to enroll in a BSc in Psychology at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and graduated with distinction, specializing in Neuropsychology. He used his educational experience in Behavioral and Forensic psychology to create compelling and emotionally anchored characters and enter into sophisticated genres of Psychological-Thrillers.

In 2009, Pavan embarked on his filmmaking journey at the prestigious Art Center College of Design, California, for a Master’s degree in Film. He directed a number of short films that garnered critical appraisal and won him scholarships for clear set goals, potential to succeed, and excellent academic standing. During this time he was mentored under the commercial director, Robert Peterson, and writer, Doug Eboch (Sweet Home Alabama). His To You To Us Short Film won him the 2012 Dramatic Impact from the Accolade Competition.

Since graduation, he released three spec commercials and established a film production company called Parabolic K&E Entertainment with a fellow Art Center Alumni, Simon Estrada. He is currently is a freelance Director and Writer and is writing two TV pilots and a feature length script.