Many of Pavan King Ojha’s commercials are designed to engage audiences by appealing to their inner child. Through the art of storytelling and by creating immersive worlds, his commercials position a company and its product in an unforgettable and memorable way.

Make A Wish: Wishes

Director, Writer, Producer & Editor

A solemn and pensive commercial that reminds us what wishes are and why they matter... especially when it comes to a great cause.

Audi: Worth Every Bit of Poetry

Director, Writer, Producer & Editor

Some things are just Worth Every Bit of Poetry...     


Got Milk?: Heroes Amongst Us 

Director, Writer, Producer & Editor

Every Superhero needs an excuse...   

TrulyMAD: What If? 

Director & Writer

What if you could buy a product and at the same time give back to your community? That is what TrulyMAD is all about.

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